10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing
1) Travesty
What you may think it means: a tragedy, an unfortunate event
What it actually means: a mockery; a parody
This one, I’ll admit, is my own personal error. For the longest time, I equated travesty with tragedy, mostly because in passing, they sound like the same word. It’s stupid, I know, but if you knew how many times I confused fetal position with beetle position, you wouldn’t be laughing. It’s a serious problem.
2) Ironic
What you may think it means: a funny coincidence
What it actually means: contrary to what you might expect
It’s not ironic that you bumped into a talking turtle in a sweater vest right after you told your friend how cool it would be to bump into a talking turtle in a sweater vest. It’s a coincidence, and believe it or not, those two words are not related. Also, you should probably lay off the drugs because I’m pretty sure animals shouldn’t be talking.
3) Peruse
What you may think it means: to skim or glance over something
What it actually means: to review something carefully/in-depth
How this definition got completely turned on its head, I’ll never know, but I’ll be sure never to say “I’m going to go peruse my math textbook” ever again, just in case someone overhears and tries to hold me to it under the real meaning.
4) Bemused
What you may think it means: amused
What it actually means: confused
Again, with the whole “words sounding alike” issue. I’m starting to think I just need hearing aids. This is getting out of hand.
5) Compelled
What you may think it means: to willingly do something, to feel like you need to do something
What it actually means: to be forced to do something (willingly or unwillingly)
The word you’re looking for is “impelled.” I agree, it doesn’t get enough attention.
6) Nauseous
What you may think it means: to feel sick
What it actually means: to cause nausea
When you eat too much ice cream and declare to your mom or the nearest adult, “I feel nauseous,” what you’re actually saying is that you are causing people around you to feel sick. Thanks, jerk. (For the record, “I’m nauseated” is the way to go.)
7) Conversate
What you may think it means: to hold a conversation
What it actually means: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
This word is a mix of conversation and converse, and doesn’t actually exist, like unicorns or YOUR DREAMS. (I’m kidding. Unicorns are totally real.)
8) Redundant
What you may think it means: repetitive
What it actually means: superfluous, able to be cut out
“Including this sentence is redundant because you already mentioned your love of Santa Claus in the previous paragraph.” This has always been my exposure to the word redundant, so it only makes sense that I would think repetitive was correct. I can’t be the only one? Right? RIGHT?
9) Enormity
What you may think it means: enormousness
What it actually means: extreme evil
I don’t know where the “extreme evil” thing came from (probably the Devil) but enormity makes more sense as enormousness in my mind.
10) Terrific
What you may think it means: awesome, fantastic
What it actually means: causing terror
Okay, so “causing terror” is more of an outdated definition but I still thought it was interesting. Maybe keep this fun fact in the back of your mind the next time you call your favorite camper, “Terrific Tommy,” because technically, a few decades ago, that might have been an insult. Unless instead of a camper, he’s a serial killer. In that case, go for it.
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umm i pretty much use all of these incorrectly #wordsmeanthings i’ll do better.

I like learning things from Inigo Montoya.

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Below are a few of the things that people new to veganism may not know about, but should. In transitioning to veganism, you don’t want to have the embarrassment of bringing something non-vegan to a vegan party or finding out there are milk products where you’d never hope they’d go. Below is information about vegan condoms and contraceptives, alcohol, sneaky food additives, tattoos, and online shopping suggestions.
* Not all condoms are vegan. Why? Many condoms contain casein (milk) as a coating component, and some condom companies use animal testing. Take the time to have cruelty-free, safe sex with these brands of vegan condoms and contraceptives, as well as vegan methods of birth control:
Glyde Condoms 
Sir Richard’s Condoms
RSFU Condoms
Unique Condoms
Durex Avanti, Real Feel, Fetherlite Ultra and Deluxe Condoms (only non-latex Durex condoms are vegan. Do not buy their latex condoms unless you want milk all over your penis and in your vagina. Which I’m pretty sure is a good description of “what vegan nightmares are made of”)
Contragel alternative spermicide
Warning: There is a condom company called French Letter that claims to be “vegan” but their condoms are produced with casein. They don’t really know what vegan means and have no vegan certification.
The Birth Control Pill “Femulen” produced by Pfizer contains no animal products, as well as their injection “Depo-Provera”. Other animal free contraceptives are Bayer’s injection “Noristerat” and the “Evra” patch. 
The most effective vegan birth control method for those who do not wish to use condoms would probably be the Depo-shot. At least this way, you do not have to consume monthly pills with milk ingredients. There’s no reason to continue using non-vegan contraceptives if you have the option to switch, so think about it!
* Spray-on preservatives for fruits and vegetables may often contain shell fish and other non-vegan items. Try to buy organic as often as possible if this is an option for you. One of the biggest fruity offenders of this crime to watch out for is bananas. Buy organic bananas for your own sake, and for the sake of eliminating your support of non-organic foods and business which may employ pesticides or damaging agricultural practices. Organic farming fosters biodiversity, which is (arguably) good for our Earth. 
* You’re all set for your sexy vegan night in with your special someone. You brought the vegan condoms, he brought the bananas. It’s a party for two. Now all you have to do is crack open the bottle of wine and… wait. Shit. Is this vegan? 
 Brewmasters, winemakers, and distillers may include animal ingredients in their products directly, or they might use them in the processing and filtration. 
When making the product, dairy, honey, and other things (including, in one case, a whole chicken dropped in the tank) are ingredients in the final recipe. 
When filtering the drinks prior to bottling, companies can use things like isinglass (from fish bladder,) gelatin, egg whites, and sea shells, among other things.
Trust for all your boozy vegan needs.
* Even though I’m not someone who would get a tattoo any time soon, I feel sorry for vegans who do have tattoos and are constantly questioned and judged by non-vegans who don’t know much about the art of tattooing other than “Huh-duh, I heard tattoos aren’t vegan on the internet once. You’re a hypocrite!” Getting a vegan tattoo, free of cruelty, is becoming increasingly easier as supply rushes to catch up with demand. But you do have to do some research and ask your tattoo artists to supply you with vegan materials and inks if they don’t already come with it.
5 Vegan Tattoo Tips from an Expert
The Vegan Society: Vegan Tattoo Products
* As for some problems with vegan cheese containing casein (milk)…
Just don’t buy from this company and you’ll be fine.
* Or vanilla/raspberry flavouring and extract supposedly containing beaver butt…
Castoreum produced for food purposes does not exceed by far products such as vanillin for these flavourings. So while there’s a 1% chance that your vanilla extract has the anal glands of a beaver in it, there’s a 99% chance it doesn’t. If you can’t care to bet on those odds, call the company you buy from or visit their website. This is also primarily an issue for the United States. And Scandinavian alcohol. 
* If you’re having trouble navigating for vegan products in the real world, perhaps it’s time to seek out online sources of 100% vegan products:
Vegan Essentials
The Vegan Store
The Vegan Sex Shop
Vegetarian Belts
Search “Vegan” on Etsy
Some other things that might surprise you in having to veganize them, or some things you may not have realized have vegan versions:
Vegan candles (not only do regular candles contain beeswax, but most beeswax based candles are not clean burning = not good for the air quality in your home)
Worcestershire sauce (typically contains anchovies) 
Marshmallows (typically contain gelatin: animal bones and ligaments. You don’t have to miss out on smores with these!)
Try not to buy anything specifically fortified with Omega-3 unless it comes from a vegan company or a product that specifically says vegan friendly on the packaging. It is frequently made with fish oil. This can be seen in Omega-3 orange juice, Omega-3 peanut butter, or similar products. Your safest bet for Omega-3s are from soy milk like So Good or Silk.
If you’re especially new to veganism, you may not know yet that there is a vegan alternative for just about anything (Google it! E.g. “vegan mac and cheese”, “vegan cheesecake”, “vegan sausage rolls”, “vegan deviled eggs”) meaning that vegan food choices are no more limited than omnivorous ones, and they may even open you up to trying new things. 

A few things…
Kimono condoms are also vegan. I would recommend these because they are Japanese made and ultra thin.
The Depo shot is only intended to be used for a maximum of two years. The copper IUD is as effective as sterilization, lasts 5-10 years and is hormone free. Please, please, please do your research before claiming this or that BC method is the “most effective”. has a pretty comprehensive list of vegan alcohol and an app as well. Although generally lighter beers like Corona are vegan whereas darker beers like Guinness are not.
There’s no real way of knowing if the produce you buy is vegan. Conventional apples are coated with wax so that’s problematic but almost all farmers use manure in the fertilization process. Organic also doesn’t mean chemical free, it means less chemicals. So it’s possible that you could purchase organic produce that’s been sprayed with pesticides containing animal ingredients or that have been tested on animals.

Some decent additions, but as you’ll notice I’ve already listed barnivore as a resource, and you should probably supply a link for your counterclaims on birth control methods.
Also, that general rule you said about light and dark beer is way fucking false. I drink plenty of dark beers and IPAs that are vegan and have had more problems finding nice light beers and ciders. Barnivore’s list of oatmeal stout is like 98% vegan, and the majority of their IPAs are vegan. Half of the products with “chocolate” in their name (including chocolate stout and porter) are vegan, and the other half aren’t but that’s mostly because they are creamy alcohols like milk chocolate porter or creme liqeuer,
There is no general rule that’s true about vegan beers. It’s all bloody myth created by people who’ve never used barnivore or who decided they didn’t want to do any research and would just be “vegan by rule of thumb”. 
If you’re looking for great vegan beer, though, try Mill Street Organic.

Planned Parenthood
I was referring to standard beers, like Corona, Pabst etc. Not fancy craft beers, although my local brewery is all vegan except it’s one seasonal beer.

That’s not really a source. You can’t just say something about birth control and shout “Planned Parenthood!” behind it and expect people to believe you. While depo provera can cause bone density loss in some women, the National Women’s Health Network says it can be used over two years if other methods are found inadequate. Additionally, this negative side effect has absolutely NOTHING to do with how effective it is at preventing pregnancy.
Also, Corona isn’t a dark beer, Pabst isn’t a dark beer… I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Barnivore doesn’t just have “fancy craft beers” listed, they have “regular” beers too, and it looks like 90% of all their dark beers, regular or craft, are vegan.