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arctic monkeys

i want this framed and above my bed tbh

FOR VEGAN FRIENDS (especially those without much access to vegan foods)
hey so as my followers know I currently live in South Korea, where being a vegan is a royal pain in the ass (fish isn’t a meat, there’s milk in the potato chips, and people who DO get that I don’t eat animal products think I’m a monk)
anyway my big lifesaver has been this website iHerb.com where you can get basically all your non-perishable needs plus other veganized goodies, spices, nut butters, etc. and anything I can’t buy cheap in bulk here. I also have no access to vegan butter or cheese so all the ingredients I need to make my own (agar powder, soy lecithin, nutritional yeast, all that kind of stuff) I can get here. All my non-dairy baking ingredients come from here. Flaxseeds? Hemp seed butter? B12 vitamins? Vegan vanilla wafer cookies? Yup. If you look under the groceries section, they even have a whole “vegan foods” section for items specifically tagged “vegan,” though they have more vegan stuff than just what’s under that tag.
Shipping to Korea is $4, or free for orders over $40 so it’s probably even cheaper in the States. AND they take product requests (if anyone wants to throw one their way for those Earth Balance Cheez-its, it’ll probably help my cause there)
so anyway yeah I wanted to share this resource, hope it helps someone!


South Beach (July 2014)

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Dark Clouds in Aquila, NASA APOD. 29 June 2012.

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